WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Organizing and Searching Your Favorites

August 20, 2012

Tip of the WeekBy providing easy access to content from the home page and the ability to quickly search a specific grouping of content, the Favorites feature can dramatically increase your efficiency and productivity. In last week’s tip you learned how to customize WestlawNext by adding frequently used content to your Favorites. Today’s tip will discuss how to organize your favorite pages into groups and search them directly from the home page.

Organizing FavoritesOrganizing Favorites

The individual content pages listed in Favorites are organized into groups. My Favorites is the default group but you can create as many of your own groups as you wish. To organize your favorites and create groups, click the Organize link within the Favorites widget.

This will put you in organizing mode where you may:

  1. Create a new group by clicking Add a group.
  2. Change the order of content pages and groups by dragging and dropping items.
  3. Rename groups.
  4. Delete individual content pages and groups.

When you are finished, click Done Organizing.

Frequently Used Items
Frequently Used Items

The Frequently Used Items group is auto-populated based on the content pages you visit most often. The list will contain up to five pages but will not display duplicates of favorites you’ve already saved. While in organizing mode, you may drag and drop Frequently Used Items into other groups you’ve created. Although you may delete content pages from Frequently Used Items, this will not permanently delete them from Frequently Used Items since any content pages you visit regularly will automatically re-populate.

Searching Favorites
Searching Favorites

You may search up to 100 of your favorite content pages directly from the home page. Start by selecting checkboxes next to the desired content pages or groups. Note that you can Select All as long as you have saved less than 100 individual content pages.

Next, type your query into the Favorites search box. Just like the global search box in the header, you may enter any type of search including descriptive terms or Boolean Terms and Connectors.

After clicking the Search button, you will be brought to the Favorites Overview page, which lists the first result from each page searched. The left column will list each of the Favorites you selected to search, along with the corresponding number of results. To see additional search results, click the names of your favorites in the left column or click the View all links on the overview.

content page now appears in the Favorites widget on your home page

Using Favorites is an excellent way to quickly search the exact content you want without having to go to individual pages and run independent searches. For more information on searching and organizing Favorites, please visit the Help Center on WestlawNext.

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