WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Narrowing Search Results to Your Favorite Publications

July 25, 2011

Tip of the WeekHere is another way the Favorites feature can improve your efficiency: easily narrow a search result to your favorite publications using the Publication Name filter.

Filters on WestlawNext give you the ability to quickly focus on the documents that are most important to you. Using filters, you can narrow a search result list by jurisdiction, date, attorney name, viewed documents, and other document attributes. One important filter is the Publication Name filter which allows you to focus your Secondary Sources result list on documents from your favorite publications.

Using the Publication Name Filter

When a search result list includes documents from a publication you have previously added to your Favorites, the Publication Name filter will display a section titled Your Favorites. Here, you will see all your Favorite publications that are represented in the result list. Click the checkbox next to a publication name to focus your result list on only the articles from that publication.

Using the Publication Name Filter

Frequently Used Items

Select All

A nice addition to this feature is the Select All option. When you want to filter a Secondary Sources result list to just the listed Favorite Publications, click Select All at the top of the filter. With only one click, this will focus the result list on all your available Favorite Publications.

Adding to Favorites from the Publication Name Filter

The Publication Name filter provides a useful way to add new publications to your Favorites. First, access the complete list of all publications in the search result by clicking Select a Publication Name.

You can then filter your results by selecting one or more publications from the list on the left. You may scroll through the list or use the search box to scan the titles. Notice that it also allows you to add any of those publications to your Favorites. Simply click the Favorites icon and the publication will be added to your Favorites on the home page.

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