WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Introduction to the iPad App

July 5, 2011


Tip of the WeekWestlawNext is available on your iPad® device. 

The iPad offers cutting-edge capabilities, greater portability than a laptop, and a large, high-resolution multi-touch display that makes it highly suitable for legal research. The WestlawNext iPad app makes it possible to conduct and organize your research wherever you take your iPad, allowing you the freedom to go anywhere and still have the power of WestlawNext right at your fingertips.

Downloading the App
WestlawNext is available as an iPad app – free for existing WestlawNext users. Simply download the WestlawNext app from the Apple® iTunes® store.  

WestlawNext iPad App

Visually enhanced for easy reading and touch-screen navigation, the WestlawNext app lets you do all your research tasks, including:

  • Use WestSearch to research an issue, find documents, access KeyCite®, and filter results.
  • Hold the iPad in the portrait (vertical) position and documents fill the screen for easy reading. Scroll through the text with a flick or move to the next document from your result list with a swipe.
  • Add notes and highlighting to documents while you read them, or review and edit the annotations you’ve previously added.
  • View and organize documents in your folders – create, move, or copy existing folders, all in a streamlined, easy-to-navigate folder view.
  • Access your research History and Favorites.
  • Browse and search within content pages.
  • Email documents or selected text with a reference.
  • Copy text with a citation reference.
  • Automatically sync with the WestlawNext website and WestlawNext Mobile, so research started on one device can easily be accessed and continued on another.

To view a quick, one-minute video of the iPad app, go to WestlawNext.com

To view a quick, one-minute video of the iPad app, go to WestlawNext.com and click the Play button.

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