WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Find (and Print) Known Citations

February 27, 2012

Tip of the WeekRetrieving a document with a known citation is an important part of the legal research process. Frequently, researchers simply want to read a document online. Other times, researchers have citations to one or more documents they want to review offline. With WestlawNext®, these tasks are quick and easy.

Retrieve a Document by Citation

Enter a citation in the search box and click Search. WestlawNext will display the document for the citation entered. The format is flexible and not sensitive to spaces or case.

When the format of a citation is not recognized, a search is run for the terms entered. That is, the components of your citation are treated as search terms.

If you are uncertain of the format of the citation and want to prevent a search from running, use the Find command in front of your citation (e.g., fi: 562 fs 263). This will prevent a search from being run.

Print Multiple Citations

It’s also possible to find and print multiple citations at the same time. To do this, just enter the citations separated by semicolons.

Or, copy and paste a list of up to 30 citations into the search box. (When pasting a list, you do not need to use semicolons.) Then click Search.

When you submit multiple citations, you’ll be taken to a list of documents that correspond to the citations you entered.

If you’d like to deliver the documents offline, check the Select all items box, click the delivery icon, and then choose your preferred delivery method. Beyond traditional delivery options like print and email, you can also send documents directly to your Kindle.