WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Choosing the Level of Detail on Your Result List

October 31, 2011

Tip of the WeekAfter you run a search on WestlawNext®, the result list provides you with important information about each result. For instance, when you search Cases, the result list will display the title, court, and date of the opinions. You may choose to display additional details as well, depending on your preferences.


Selecting the Level of Detail
Selecting the Level of Detail

Simply click the Details button at the top of the result list to increase or reduce the level of detail displayed for each result on the list.


The Details menu provides three available options: Less Detail, More Detail, and Most Detail. Select Most Detail when you want to have the maximum amount of information before viewing the document in full.

The Details menu provides three available options

Types of Detail on the Result List

Selecting one of the Details options will modify the appearance of the following information on your result list:

  1. Document Information – Scan the document title, court, date, citations, and docket number.
  2. Editorial Summary – Read case summaries written by West attorney editors. These summaries are WestlawNext exclusives that save time by immediately providing you with valuable details about the case.
  3. Search Terms in Context – View a snapshot of how your terms appear in the document. Clicking one of these snippets will take you directly to that section in the full-text document.

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