WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Using Filters to Search for Secondary Sources

February 18, 2013

Tip of the WeekFilters on WestlawNext® give you the ability to quickly focus on the documents that are most important to you. The types of filters that are available after running a search are unique to the type of content searched. In the last two Tip of the Week entries, we looked at filters you can use in most types of content and filters you can use in caselaw searches.

When you search in Secondary Sources, you have the options of filtering by Jurisdiction, Date, Publication Type, Publication Name, Form Type, and Author.


With this filter, you can quickly narrow your results by checking the box next to a desired type of publication, such as Texts & Treatises. This filter is also helpful when you want to eliminate one type of publication from your results. For example, if you do not want to see Law Reviews & Journals, you can click the Select Multiple Filters button and then check the boxes for every type except Law Reviews & Journals. Then click Apply Filters.

Using Publication Name

This filter is a great way to easily narrow down your results to a specific publication or several specific publications. Simply click the checkbox next to a publication name to focus your result list on only the articles from that publication. To select more than one publication, click the Select Multiple Filters button and then check the boxes next to each desired publication. Then click Apply Filters.

To narrow it down even further, click on Select a Publication Name.

Here you can click on one or more publication names and the more specific titles from each publication name. For example, if you only want to see results from Rutter Group California Practice Guides: Civil Procedure Before Trial, then click on that title. It will appear under Your Selections. Then click Filter.

Publication Name

Form Type

Add this filter when you know you want to see forms. Check all of them if you want all types, or just check the types you want.


The Author filter lets you enter a name. Click Select, enter the first or last name of the author in the box, and then click Continue. The name you entered will appear below Author. You can then Edit or Remove it.

Author filter

Use these filters to quickly focus on the publications and authors that are most important to you.

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