Tip of the Week: Using the New Features in Drafting Assistant Transactional

November 13, 2014

Legal solutions TOTWHere are some of the new features in Drafting Assistant and some tips for how they can make your drafting process more efficient.

Flags by Section

If you use Deal Proof you have always been able to use flags to spot and locate potential issues requiring attention in your documents.  With the new Drafting Assistant release, you can now group your flags by section of the document.  Since Tip of the Week 111314 1you will probably draft a contract or another transactional document into sections, grouping the flags by section organizes the flags in the same way that you have organized your document.  You can reach Flags by Section on the main Deal Proof window.

Tip:  Imagine that you’re reviewing a contract drafted by a colleague and you’re particularly concerned about making sure the definitions section does not contain any problems or inconsistencies.

  • Select Main Text under the Flags by Section heading in the Drafting Assistant window.
  • Then select the designated definition section for a collection of all the flagged issues connected with that section in a single place.

This can be particularly helpful if different attorneys are tasked with reviewing different parts of a long document – by using Flags by Section, you can avoid redundant review of the same sections by two attorneys.

Dismissing Flags

Do you want a checklist so that you can avoid unnecessary backtracking over issues you have already addressed?  Deal Proof’s new Dismiss Flags feature now makes it even easier to remove flags Tip of the Week 111314 2corresponding to issues that you have finished reviewing.  To dismiss a particular instance of an issue, click the box containing an X next to the flag for that individual instance.  To dismiss all instances of a particular issue, click the “Dismiss All” link that appears next to the flag.

Tip:  Let’s say that you are reviewing a document that does not define the term “license agreement” and you do not want to make it a defined term.  Because this issue is not going to cause you to make any changes to the document, you want to make sure that you are no longer distracted by flags connected with this issue.  Click “Dismiss All” next to the License Agreement flag to remove this issue from consideration.  By dismissing flags as you review the document, you can engage in an efficient process of elimination of issues until you are satisfied that your document review is complete.

HTML Export

If you use Deal Proof and want to share the results of your document analysis with someone who does not have access to Drafting Assistant Transactional, you can now do so through the new HTML Export feature.

Tip of the Week 111314 3Just click the “Export” button at the bottom of the Deal Proof window and select Open if you want to view an HTML version of results, or click E-mail to add the file as an E-mail attachment that can be shared with others..  The collaborator receiving the e-mail will be able view both the full text of the analyzed document and Deal Proof’s results, as they navigate through the document..

Tip:  HTML Export is a great way to share a document with a group of collaborators during a conference call.  Your collaborators can see the same flags you see, in context, eliminating the challenge of communicating back and forth about page numbers, section numbers or paragraph headings, just to stay in sync.

Tip of the Week 111314 4

More information on Drafting Assistant-Transactional can be found on the Legal Solutions.com