Tip of the Week: Type Ahead

March 10, 2014

Legal solutions TOTWWestlawNext continues to make enhancements to help legal researchers find what they are looking for faster.  Recently, WestlawNext improved a current tool, type ahead, to assist with finding cases and dockets.  You may be familiar with type ahead suggesting content pages, now type ahead will also display results for cases and dockets in the global search box at the top of the homepage.  Clicking a suggested case or docket will bring you directly to the case or docket page.

If you have used type ahead to find a content page using type ahead to find cases or dockets will be very familiar.  Here’s how it works – type ahead begins to display suggestions after the third character you type in the global search box.  Begin typing a party name or citation to find a case.  Or, type a party name or docket number to find a docket.  Type ahead displays the top five results for content type, case and docket.

Type ahead’s suggestions become more refined as additional characters are added.  Type ahead also highlights the characters you have entered in the global search box to help you quickly identify your case or docket.

 TOTW 031014 1

Cases are ranked by based on most cited and most used.  Dockets are ranked by date, starting with most recently filed.  To see more results click View More to expand the list to 20 suggestions.  Once you have found the case or docket you are looking for clicking the name will bring you directly to that page.

 TOTW 031014 2

Now you can find a case or docket without running a search.  Just use type ahead!

Sign on to WestlawNext to try type ahead for yourself.

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