Tip of the Week: New topics in the Key Number System on WestlawNext

March 3, 2014

Legal solutions TOTWThe law is dynamic and continually evolving, and the West Key Number System® on WestlawNext® develops alongside it.  As areas of law grow and change, attorney-editors reclassify headnotes and revise or create new Topics and Key Numbers.

Here are recent significant Key Number System changes:


170B FEDERAL COURTS headnoteKey

The entire topic Federal Courts (170B) has been revised and a new set of Key Numbers has been released.  The changes include improvements relating to the case or controversy requirement, venue, Eleventh Amendment immunity, abstention, the Erie Doctrine, appellate procedure and federal question, diversity, personal and supplemental jurisdiction among others.

An example of a new Key Number in Federal Courts is 170Bk2728 which focuses on internet use and long arm jurisdiction.  Additionally, issues relating to the Court of Federal Claims are now classified under the topic United States instead of the topic Federal Courts.  There are now over 1,700 Key Numbers within the Federal Courts topic.

 totw 030314


106 COURTS headnoteKey

Continuing with the theme of jurisdiction and venue, several changes have been made within the topic Courts.  New Key Numbers have been added, including additional Key Numbers for the Rooker-Feldman doctrine.  There are over 1,000 Key Numbers and over 280,000 Headnotes within the topic Courts.

 totw 030314 2

375 TERRITORIES headnoteKey

New Key Numbers have also been added in the topic Territories for territorial courts like Puerto Rico.  There are almost 40 Key Numbers and over 5,000 headnotes within the topic Territories.

totw 030314 3

The Key Number System helps you quickly find relevant cases that discuss your specific point of law in any jurisdiction, even if those terms are not included in the court’s opinion. With more than 400 Topics and 100,000 Key Numbers, it is the world’s most complete, convenient, and authoritative caselaw classification system.  Sign on to WestlawNext today and take advantage of the Key Number System.