Tip of the Week: Custom Pages

February 17, 2014

Legal solutions TOTWFrom the WestlawNext homepage you can search the universe of core legal content.  But sometimes you only want to search a specific set of content – and now you can.  Custom Pages in WestlawNext gives you the ability to create and customize a page for your specific research needs.

With Custom Pages you can add your core content sets and other convenient tools to a searchable page.  Additionally, you can make a Custom Page the starting point for your research and send a Custom Page to users inside or outside your organization.

To create a Custom Page click the Create New link from the Custom Pages widget on the WestlawNext home page.

totw 21714 1

After naming your Custom Page you will be ready to Add Content Sections using the Manage Page drop down.

totw 21714 2

Name your Content Section and add relevant content sets by clicking the Add Content button.

totw 21714 3

The Content Selector appears where you can browse to content or use the autosuggest feature by typing the name of the content you are looking for.  Your selections will appear on the right pane of the Content Selector.

totw 21714 4

Repeat this process to fill out your Custom Page.

You can also add Tools such as Find a Citation, KeyCite a Citation, Folders and Favorites to your Custom Page.  Click on Manage Page and then click Tools Section.  Select the tools you want and they will appear on the right side of your Custom Page.

totw 21714 5

Custom Pages are not static; you can edit, move or delete sections of your Custom Pages.  Click Manage Page and then Edit Page.  You will now be able to drag and drop sections around your Custom Page, add content to existing Content Sections and move or delete individual sections of content.  Click Save Changes to finalize the edits to your Custom Page.

totw 21714 6

Once you have created a Custom Page, use the search box at the top to run a search.  Your results are organized based on the content sets on your Custom Page.  Additional filters will appear after you click into a particular content set.

totw 21714 7

Finally, you can make a Custom Page your start page by clicking the link at the top of the Custom Page.  Or send a Custom Page to a colleague using Send Copy under Manage Page.

totw 21714 8

With Custom Pages you can create your own research experience by adding core content sets and tools that are specific to your research.  Download the quick reference guide to Custom Pages here, then log on to WestlawNext to create your own Custom Page!

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