Read Green on Westlaw: Environmental Resources

July 22, 2009

With the new Administration’s emphasis on environment and energy issues, Westlaw users may be interested in three newsletters provided by “Environment & Energy Publishing:”

EEP-EED – Environment & Energy Daily

A newsletter that tracks activity in Congress relating to energy and the environment, including hearings, markups, bill introductions, floor actions, positions of key legislators, and stakeholders

EEP-GRW – Greenwire

A daily newsletter that covers the environmental issues being debated in every state, the White House and federal agencies, the courts, and the media around the globe. West recently changed the functionality of the Greenwire database so that a read/list command automatically runs upon selecting the database. Customers can, of course, click “edit search” to enter their own query if they don’t want to browse articles retrieved with the list command.

EEP-LL – Land Letter

A weekly newsletter that takes an in-depth look at regulation, litigation, and legislation surrounding natural resources issues, as well as highlighting the recent action on every major bill or regulation affecting natural resources.