WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Parallel Citations

October 14, 2013

Tip of the Week

Every case that appears in a reporter has a citation that provides a volume number and page number where you can find the full case. When a case has been published in more than one reporter then it will have more than one citation, and each designates a reporter in which the case has appeared. These are called parallel citations.

WestlawNext® includes parallel citations at the top of each case, making it easy to find a case by citation no matter which reporter citation you happen to have. Parallel Citations are necessary when citing to a case in documents such as briefs or memoranda. WestlawNext provides every parallel citation you need to properly cite a case.

In WestlawNext you can see up to three parallel citations directly above the case you are viewing. If a case has more than three parallel citations, you will see a link to See Additional Citations. Click See Additional Citations.

See Additional Citations

This brings you to the Parallel Citations section, which lists all parallel citations available for the case.

parallel citations

Using WestlawNext, you can view all of the parallel citations for your case and be confident that you have the information you need for an accurate citation.

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