WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Table of Authorities on Westlaw Next

October 7, 2013

Tip of the Week

One of the latest and most exciting enhancements on WestlawNext® is Table of Authorities. Table of Authorities is a list of the cases relied upon in the document you are viewing. The Table of Authorities includes KeyCite® flags so you can see at a glance whether or not the cases cited in your case have received negative treatment.

Table of Authorities is available for several types of content on WestlawNext, including:

  • Cases and Trial Court Orders
  • Administrative Decisions
  • Briefs and Trial Court Documents
  • Expert Materials
  • Trial and Oral Argument Transcripts
  • American Law Reports (ALR®)
  • Restatements
  • American Jurisprudence (Am Jur®)
  • Corpus Juris Secundum®
  • Law Reviews

When viewing one of these documents in WestlawNext, click the Table of Authorities tab.

Table of Authorities

Table of Authorities includes:

  • KeyCite flags to warn of any negative treatment
  • Depth of Treatment indicators so you can see to what extent the authority was discussed
  • Quotation marks that indicate whether the authority was quoted
  • Page numbers that link to the page where the authority was first cited

Table of Authorities

When opposing counsel base their argument on a principal case, you can determine whether the precedent relied on in that case has any subsequent negative treatment. Use Table of Authorities to find any hidden weaknesses in your or your opponent’s arguments.

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