WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Getting Alerts Directly on Your Start Page

September 9, 2013

Tip of the Week

Current events and related legal developments have a significant impact on the decisions you make every day. WestlawNext Practitioner Insights™ provides a single access point for comprehensive information and expert analysis to help you stay informed and up to date in your practice area.

My Alerts

Practitioner Insights delivers alert results directly to the My Alerts widget so you’re always aware of recent developments. When you make a Practitioner Insights page your Start Page, it is easy to see the most recent alert results every time you log in. Also, clicking on the bell icon Bell Icon provides seamless access to all of your alerts on WestlawNext.

You can customize an alert or choose an existing alert to deliver results to My Alerts. Click Set up Alert.

Set up Alert

By default, My Alerts will display alert results from a pre-set alert pulling from News and Insight and Analysis. Select the box Deliver to my email each day to receive these alerts in your inbox.

You can change or add to the search query, customizing your alert in the Terms and Connectors box. If you already have an alert that you would like to see in the My Alerts widget click Use an Existing Alert.

Use an Existing Alert

Select the alert you want to deliver to My Alerts. If you have a lot of alerts you can run a search for the Alert Name. You can also search alerts by Client ID. Click Save.

Save after finish setting up My Alerts

At first the My Alerts widget will contain a message that says “No alerts have been generated.” As soon as your alert runs and retrieves new results, those results will appear in My Alerts.

Alerts on Your Start Page

Now click on the Make this My Start Page link at the top.

Make this My Start Page

Start each day “in the know” – every time you log in to WestlawNext!

Learn more about how WestlawNext makes it easy to stay up-to-date with Practitioner Insights and Alerts on WestlawNext.

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