WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Draft with Confidence Using Sample Agreements

July 22, 2013

Tip of the Week

Your client is forming a new company in Ohio and asked you to draft an operating agreement. Where do you look for guidance first? WestlawNext™ has over one million executed business agreements with language, clauses, and provisions drafted by leading law firms and in-house counsel. Sample Agreements give you a place to begin the drafting process while also providing real-life examples of how attorneys with similar clients and situations handled a particular transaction.

Sample Agreements

You can access Sample Agreements directly from the home page. Click Sample Agreements. You can search All Agreements or select a practice area. Click Business Organizations.

The Advanced Search template helps you find the exact type of document you need. You can enter text in one or several Document Fields, searching by Document Title, Clause Title, Party Name, and more.

Type “operating agreement” into the Document Title box and Ohio into the Jurisdiction box, then click Search.

Document Title box

You can apply filters to narrow the results further. Some of the filters unique to Sample Agreements include Governing Law, SIC Code & Description, Location of Incorporation, and Location of Headquarters.

Each Sample Agreement has a Table of Contents making it easy to browse and jump directly to the most relevant section.

Table of Contents

When you need guidance on how to handle a particular transaction, access Sample Agreements first to save time and gather insight.

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