WESTLAW NEXT Tip of the Week: Retrieving Multiple Citations at Once

April 22, 2013

Tip of the Week

Whether you need to check the citations from opposing counsel’s brief or pull a list of cases for a senior partner, WestlawNext® makes it easy to retrieve up to 30 citations at once and either save them or deliver them to a folder for offline review by print, email, or download.

Retrieving a Document by Citation

It’s easy to retrieve a single document by citation. Simply type a citation in the search box and click Search. WestlawNext will return the exact document for the citation entered. The jurisdiction does not need to be set to the same jurisdiction as the document. WestlawNext will still retrieve the correct document. Citations are not case sensitive and do not require correct spacing or perfect punctuation.

Retrieving a Document by Citation

Retrieving Multiple Documents by Citation

To retrieve multiple documents by citation, just enter the citations separated by semicolons. Then click Search.

If you are retrieving a longer list of citations, it is a good practice to create that list separately in a wordprocessing document and then copy and paste it into the search box. It can take minutes to enter 20 to 30 citations, and if you mistype a citation directly into the search box, you may have to retype all of them. By typing them into a word processing document first, you have that list to easily edit, copy, and paste as many times as you need.

Retrieving Multiple Documents by Citation

When you submit multiple citations, you’ll be taken to a list of documents that correspond to the citations you entered.

To deliver your documents so you can review them offline, check the Select all items box, click the delivery icon, and then choose your preferred delivery method. You can choose to print, email, or download as well as deliver the documents directly to your Kindle™.

check the Select all items box

You can also save all of the documents to a folder. First, check the Select all items box, then click on the folder icon folder icon

Select all items

Then choose the folder you wish to save the documents to and click Save.

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