PreNups – Are They Necessary?

June 17, 2010

Your favorite aunt  is remarrying  and asks  you whether you think she  should have a prenuptial agreement.  How do you advise her?

To read up on seven instances when a prenup is advisable, go to: New vow: ’Til prenup do us part: 7 situations in which the legal document is advisable;

Your aunt has also asked you to show her a couple sample prenuptial agreements so she has an idea of what they entail.   Where can you find  sample prenups?

Click  FORMFINDER  at the top of the Westlaw  screen. Under TOPIC,  choose FAMILY. Under Subtopic,  choose Marriage, Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements.  Under Jurisdiction:    Choose your state or search ALL.

You will notice the results are divided into four groupings:   Text Forms, Official PDF Forms, Checklists  and Clauses.