Oh the places you will go…

June 27, 2015

Reference Attorneys 30Never did I expect my job to take me the places it has – and it all started as a Reference Attorney.  The year was 1995 and the company had recently moved from their downtown St. Paul location to Eagan, Minnesota where the company still resides.

Working as a Reference Attorney was fun.  I enjoyed talking to customers, and especially loved when customers were grateful for the help because we were able to make their day a little easier.  Plus, my colleagues were great.  We were a group of people in a similar situation – coming out of law school or law practice – and knew that we didn’t want to practice, yet wanted to put our legal expertise to good use doing something different.  A lot of people at that time looked at Reference Attorneys as a way to get to know Westlaw and start a career at what was then West Publishing.

For me, I REALLY LOVED the job as a Reference Attorney and would have stayed longer.  However my dream job was to be an Account Rep in Minneapolis, a position that was rarely available.  Fortunately, an Account Rep position became available after two and a half years – and I was hired!

From there, my career continued to take me to unexpected places.  I became an Account Manager and Regional Manager, during which I spent a lot of time in Denver.  Then, I was off with my family to Switzerland for five years, as an Asset Manager for our Thomson Reuters Global Resources (TRGR) business.  Having the opportunity to work at TRGR was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and an adventure both professionally and personally.

In 2013, I came back to Thomson Reuters in Eagan on the Westlaw Product Management team and have held various roles within the team since.  While it’s hard to say for sure which job has been my favorite, I definitely enjoyed being a part of the Reference Attorney team and am proud of where it all began twenty years ago.

(Editor’s Note: Each day in June we will be highlighting a post from our reference attorney team.  See more entries in our 30 Days of Reference Attorneys series here: #30DaysofRefAttys)