New Rules of the House

January 11, 2011

The 112th Congress began its first session Wednesday, January 5.  Among the business taken care of in the House of Representatives was the election of a new Speaker of the House, Ohio representative John Boehner. 

To read the blow-by-blow account of the election of Mr. Boehner, including who else was nominated, who voted for whom, and “passing the gavel” remarks by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, try a search of the Congressional Record (CR) for: boehner & da(2011).  Among the results will be a document entitled “Election of Speaker.”

The article linked above also mentions another action taken by the House on its first day of the session: the modification of House rules.  A document retrieved by the aforementioned search, entitled “Rules of the House,” sets out the rule changes and includes statements by several representatives for and against the changes.