Need to change your client ID before you wander off plan?

December 16, 2010

WestlawNext makes it easy to change a client ID during a research session without having to sign out.

As you know, you must select a client ID at the beginning of each research session, to which all research for that session is assigned unless and until you change the client ID.

To change the client ID at any point in your research, click the client ID at the top of any WestlawNext page. Your new client ID is then applied to your subsequent research until you change it again. Changing the client ID is important when, in the course of assisting one client, you run across a document that might be relevant to another client or matter.

But what if your research is about to take you to out-of-plan materials that you need to view but for which you do not want to charge the client? Is there a way to change your client ID before it’s too late?

WestlawNext makes that easy, too: When you retrieve a document that is out of your WestlawNext plan, a warning message lets you know that you will incur an additional charge to view this document (see below). At this point, you can click Change and designate a new client ID.

WestlawNext warning message: "This Document is Out of Plan"