Mr. Ryan of Wisconsin

August 20, 2012

UPDATE 8/22/2012: In light of Congressman Todd Akin’s comments on the topic of rape and pregnancy last weekend, another bill worth attention is 2011 Cong US HR 3, which, among other things, sought to introduce the phrase ‘forcible rape’ in the place of ‘rape’ in longstanding exceptions to the ban on federal funds being used to provide abortions.  The bill was cosponsored by both Congressman Akin and Congressman Ryan of Wisconsin. 

On Saturday, August 11, as you may have heard, Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney announced that Paul Ryan, a congressman from Wisconsin, would be his running mate on the presidential ticket this fall.  Technically, the Congressman won’t be nominated for the vice presidency until the Republican National Convention a few weeks hence, but this is essentially a formality: Paul Ryan is running for Vice President.

That makes this an excellent time to take a quick look on Congressman Ryan’s career to date.  The Reference Attorneys ran a legislative retrospective on former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords back in January, I’ll use essentially the same methods here.

Paul Ryan’s speeches on the floor of congress are available in the Congressional Record database, using the same search strategy:

sp(ryan /2 wisconsin)

I found 515 results.

To see bills that Paul Ryan authored or sponsored in the current and previous Congress, try the following search in Cong-Billtxt:

te(ryan /2 wisconsin)

Result: 148 Documents

Adding the word ‘Wisconsin’ is important, because sponsors are generally referred to only by last name (eg. Mr. Conyers, or Mr. McCotter).  There are two ‘Mr. Ryans’ in Congress, though, so when Paul Ryan sponsors a bill, he is referred to as ‘Mr. Ryan of Wisconsin.’ (The other Congressman, Tim Ryan, is ‘Mr. Ryan of Ohio’).  The famed ‘Ryan Budget’ comes up in this search; the citation is 2011 Cong Us HCON 34.  If you live in a swing state, you’ll be hearing a lot about that bill this coming fall.