More on FormFinder: Assaulted by a Circus Barker? Sickened by Unwholesome Vending Machine Food?

May 26, 2010

I’ve actually had Summer Associates call in hopes of finding forms or sample complaints relative to these subjects, and, somewhat surprisingly, found useful materials.  Droll examples aside, it is a challenge to be working in an area of law that you’ve had little or no exposure to outside of the classroom, and then to actually produce something semi-professional in short order.

The “FORMFINDER.”  link is at the top-center of the screen.  As Seth pointed out earlier, this will get you to a search page where you can access transactional or litigation-related forms, checklists and sample clauses.  What the typical Summer Associate might be searching will be, admittedly, less colorful than tainted snacks or out-of-control circus barkers, but no less important.

Let’s say you wanted a checklist for drafting a commercial lease in New York.  The default search method is the template mode, which makes life easier for most users.  You can see that I selected my Topic, Subtopic and Document Type with simple clicks, and I selected New York right below by placing a check in the appropriate box.

One of the documents that comes back looks something like this:

[etc. etc.]  Voila—a checklist.  Now you can get started on your project, or at least you have a good frame of reference for when you consider what you might need to put in your lease.