Locating Enacted Versions of Uniform Laws

May 5, 2010

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I’ve received some calls lately on locating enacted versions of Uniform Laws.  Most often these requests relate to locating different state versions of the Uniform Commercial Code.  Uniform Laws or Model Acts are drafted by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform Laws and then enacted or adopted by individual states either as-written or with some alterations.  The most common requests are regarding the Uniform Commercial Code, but there are Uniform or Model laws for a host of topics, including the Uniform Arbitration Act, the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act, and the Model Penal Code.

Often attorneys want to find which states have adopted a Uniform Act and where in their statutes they can find it.  There is any easy way to do this that doesn’t involve searching each state’s statutes individually.  First, go to the database Uniform Laws Annotated (ULA).  Then click on the table of contents link in the upper right corner.  This takes you to a page with a long list of uniform or model laws.  Scroll through until you find the one you’re looking for and then click the plus sign just to the left of the title.

The first entry on this list is a Refs & Annos entry:

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The link provides you with a table of jurisdictions where the model law or code has been adopted and the location of the code within that particular state’s statutes:

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If there are multiple versions of a model law, make sure you check the Refs & Annos for each version, as some states may have enacted an older version but have not updated to the newer one.