iPad – There is a West Reference Attorney for that.

August 30, 2010

As of yesterday, we have a new member to the WestlawNext family, the iPad app. This new app allows you access the power of WestSearch from the familiar ease of the iPad. Even before the official release of WestlawNext, the Reference Attorneys have been preparing for these new features because, yes, we support these too.

Whether you are using the Kindle, your iPhone, your Blackberry, your Android phone, your internet browser, and now your iPad… there is a West Reference Attorney for that. We have reference attorneys familiar with these new enhancements to assist you with any navigation or research questions that may arise. This can be particularly helpful when you are mobile and in need of additional research assistance that is not available from your office.

For those of you who are not familiar with our WestlawNext platform, we have a foldering feature that allows you to store any snippets or documents you feel are important for your research project in one place. While this is nice to help organize your research, the power of the foldering system is evident in this new application. No matter which portal you use to access WestlawNext, you can access the same folders and information. I wish I had this new app just for court. I could have folders for evidentiary challenges or objections filled with specific cases to back up my position. Most importantly, I could reduce the number of file boxes for major cases to a small tablet.

However, by far my favorite part of the iPad application are the notes and highlighting.

As you review cases, you can still highlight and leave notes in your case. These notes can be shared among your colleagues and remind you where the case is more important for your needs. I can only imagine that in the near future you will see more attorneys dumping their searches into the WestlawNext folders reviewing cases on their commute to and from work highlighting snippets and leaving notes. If you thought people walking and texting or e-mailing on a Blackberry was annoying, just wait for this evolution.


One librarian commented that you cannot change jurisdiction while running a digest search.  Actually, this isn’t true.  (Maybe not as intuitive as it ought to be?  Let us know.)  Here’s how it’s done:

Currently, when running a digest search using a Key Number, the jurisdiction selected is the jurisdiction of the case you were viewing plus federal.  So if you selected a Key Number from a California case, a search would automatically run in California state and federal headnotes.  To change jurisdiction, simply tap the Jurisdiction Selector in the upper-right hand portion of the screen:

Change your jurisdiction:

Clicking “Done” takes you back to the original results. So, click the search box AND HIT RETURN:

Your Key Number digest search will now run in the new jurisdiction selected:

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