Interview with Robert L. Haig

October 11, 2010

Robert L. Haig, partner at Kelley Drye, is editor of Commercial Litigation in New York State Courts. Mr. Haig toured Eagan this week to discuss the third edition.  In the early ’90s, Mr. Haig was instrumental in establishing the New York Commercial Division – a not uncommon research topic for Reference Attorneys.  So, we were eager to ask Mr. Haig about the Court.  For example, which is more important –   experienced judges?  Or, the procedural rules?  (It’s the Judges.)  Why is a specialized court necessary?  (Cohesive jurisprudence strengthens the business community.)  The full interview is here (10 mins):


Research References for the NY Commercial Division

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Query: pr(“commercial division”) and [enter desired search terms]

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Rules of the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court 22 NYCRR 202.70

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