Highlights of the latest version of Thomson Reuters ProView

March 14, 2012

Proview app iconLast week, Thomson Reuters announced the global launch of the latest version of its ProView eReader platform.

This new version of ProView adds power and functionality, allowing users to interact with eBooks in entirely new ways.

In addition to the ProView iPad app, which is downloadable from the Apple® App Storetm, Thomson Reuters ProView is now accessible, in certain countries, through Internet browsers, such as Internet Explorer®, Firefox® and Safari®.

Now those users can have the full ProView experience wherever they are working with their laptop, desktop or iPad.

The latest version of Thomson Reuters ProView includes these features and more:

  • Improved performance
    More effective managing of libraries with large numbers of titlesCopying and importing notes (cropped)
  • Search term snippets
    Shows search hits in context
  • Scrub” bar navigation
    Move rapidly to different parts of an eBook
  • Links to WestlawNext
    Live links allow U.S. users to view citations through their WestlawNext accounts
  • New sorting options
    Sort according to the most recently read titles in your library
  • Merged view of titles
    View all titles across a user’s multiple accounts
  • Scrub bar functionality (cropped)Copy notes feature
    Copy notes and annotations to another title
  • Spanish and Portuguese term stemming
    Allows search of books in those languages

Thomson Reuters ProView is currently available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, and is soon to launch in other regions as well.

Information on ProView and its numerous legal reference titles can be found at http://thomsonreuters.com/proview.