Zombie Dance Party = Probable Cause

September 3, 2014

  • 35 Arrest
  • 35II On Criminal Charges
  • 35k63 Officers and Assistants, Arrest Without Warrant
  • 35k63.4 Probable or Reasonable Cause
  • 35k63.4(15) Appearance, acts, and statements of persons arrested

09-03-14Behavior of arrestees participating in what they described as a “zombie dance party,” in partially obstructing a sidewalk forcing pedestrians to step into a bus lane on the street to pass by, provided police officers with probable cause to effectuate arrest for misdemeanor crime of disorderly conduct; arrestees’ zombie dance party was an event that involved wearing fake blood on their faces, and playing music and amplified spoken phrases from improvised sound systems, to call attention to shortcomings of consumerist culture.

Baribeau v. City of Minneapolis, 578 F.Supp.2d 1201, (D. Minn., 2008)