West Headnote of the Day – December 22, 2009

December 22, 2009

West's Key 51 Bankruptcy
West's Key 51X Discharge
West's Key 51X(C) Debts and Liabilities Discharged
West's Key 51X(C)5 Torts and Crimes
West's Key 51k3374 Willful or Malicious Injury
West's Key 51k3374(8) Particular Injuries
West's Key 51k3374(12) k. Drunk or Reckless Driving; Vehicular Homicide.

Horse and buggy did not qualify as “vessel,” under bankruptcy code provision that created exception to discharge for debts incurred because of death or personal injury caused by the debtor’s operation of a motor vehicle, vessel, or aircraft, while intoxicated; term “vessel” was unambiguous, and limited to watercraft or waterborne transportation.
Young v. Schmucker, 409 B.R. 477 (N.D. Ind. 2008)

Suggested by Patricia Carey; Paralegal; West; Rochester, NY

51 Bankruptcy