Stag Party Search and Seizure

January 11, 2012

  • 372 Telecommunications
  • 372X Interception or Disclosure of Electronic Communications; Electronic Surveillance
  • 372X(A) In General
  • 372k1435 Acts Constituting Interception or Disclosure
  • 372k1440 k. Persons Concerned; Consent.

372 TelecommunicationsIn view of fact that police informant, who had a radio-bugging device hidden in his clothing, was invited into “stag” party which, in fact, was not seriously barred to anyone willing to contribute $5 for admission, a recording of conversations overheard through eavesdropping device was not a product of an unlawful entry or unlawful search and seizure as protected against by the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.
In re Haggerty, 274 F. Supp. 781 241 So. 2d 469 (La. 1970)
Suggested by James J. Reeves II, Attorney; Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr, and Smith; New Orleans, LA