Sometimes, New Year’s Eve parties are part of the job

December 31, 2014

  • 413 Workers’ Compensation
  • 413VIII Injuries for Which Compensation May Be Had
  • 413VIII(D) Particular Causes, Circumstances, and Conditions of Injury
  • 413VIII(D)10 Acts for Benefit of Employer and Employee
  • 413k664 Recreation of Employees

12-31-14Evidence established that employer expressly or impliedly brought participation in New Year’s Eve party within orbit of employment, as alternative basis for establishing that participation was incidental to job duties for purposes of unitary work-connection test; employer supplied all food and drink for party, party was held on employer’s premises during working hours, employer gave employees an unpaid half-day off to attend party, and company-sponsored parties were customarily attended by all or most employees.

Ostrowski v. Wasa Elec. Services, Inc., 960 P.2d 162, (Hawai’i App., 1998)