Scary stories did not foster pagan cult

October 30, 2014

  • 92 Constitutional Law
  • 92XIII Freedom of Religion and Conscience
  • 92XIII(B) Particular Issues and Applications
  • 92k1341 Public Education
  • 92k1354 Curriculum, Books, and Classroom Materials
  • 92k1354(1) In general

10-30-14School district’s use as reading material for grades kindergarten through five of series having a number of stories relating to witches and goblins and making extensive use of folk tales and myths, in apparent effort to stimulate interest and attention by appeal to imagination, was not unconstitutional attempt to foster a particular religious belief; the few “scary” stories did not “foster” some pagan cult.

Fleischfresser v. Directors of School Dist. 200, 805 F.Supp. 584, (N.D.Ill., 1992)