Octopus Corporation

September 8, 2014

  • 101 Corporations and Business Organizations
  • 101XIII Foreign Corporations
  • 101XIII(D) Actions by or Against Foreign Corporations
  • 101k3262 Process
  • 101k3266 On Whom Service May Be Made
  • 101k3266(7) Subsidiaries and officers thereof

09-08-14Where three foreign corporations, a parent manufacturing corporation and its two subsidiary selling corporations which had common directors and secretary and bore same basic name were in fact a giant octopus corporation, so that, in advertising and sales, there was no distinction between manufacturing corporation and selling corporations, service of process upon the one selling corporation which was qualified to do business in state was sufficient to confer jurisdiction over the other two corporations.

State ex rel. Grinnell Co. v. MacPherson, 309 P.2d 981, (N.M. Sup. Ct., 1957)