Marital Misconduct?

August 6, 2014

  • 134 Divorce
  • 134V Spousal Support, Allowances, and Disposition of Property
  • 134k731 Particular Factors and Considerations
  • 134k743 k. Other marital conduct; misconduct in general

08-06-14Wife’s chopping through door of marital residence after her separation from husband did not constitute “marital misconduct” which could affect distribution of marital property in dissolution of marriage action. V.A.M.S. § 452.330, subd. 1(4).

In re Marriage of Gustin, 861 S.W.2d 639, (W.D. Mo 1993)

Suggested by Patty Larson, Judicial Editorial Director, Thomson Reuters, Eagan, Minn.