Lack of snow is a good excuse for not hauling logs in a sled

December 3, 2014

  • 245 Logs and Logging
  • 245k6 Cutting and Hauling Logs
  • 245k8 Contracts
  • 245k8(1) Construction and Operation

12-03-14Plaintiff entered into a contract to haul logs for defendant at a certain rate, the hauling to be done during the ensuing winter, if the weather was favorable, and, if not, the balance of the logs to be hauled the following winter. Held, that the lack of snow and frost during the ensuing winter, when there were but about two weeks of poor sledding, was a good excuse for not hauling all the logs that winter, and that plaintiff was entitled to complete the hauling during the following winter.

Goodrich v. Hubbard , 16 N.W. 232, (Mich., 1883)