“Hostile” mother-in-law

August 7, 2012

  • 134 Divorce
  • 134II Grounds
  • 134k27 Cruelty
  • 134k27(18) k. Acts, Declarations, and Conduct Conjunctively Constituting Cruelty.

134 DivorceHusband’s persistence in allowing family home to be maintained in proximity of mother’s home knowing that mother was hostile to wife, and refusing to establish home where wife could be mistress and rear children uninfluenced by husband’s mother, who was permitted to have control over one of the children, was “cruel treatment” warranting wife’s separation from bed and board and awarding custody of children to wife.
Cormier v. Cormier, 190 So. 365 (La. 1939)

Suggested by Marie Erickson, Head of Public Services; Law Library of Louisiana; New Orleans, LA