No Music in the Bar

November 18, 2013

  • 92 Constitutional Law
  • 92XXVII Due Process
  • 92XXVII(G) Particular Issues and Applications
  • 92XXVII(G)12 Trade or Business
  • 92k4266 Particular Subjects and Regulations
  • 92k4289 k. Intoxicating Liquors.

92 Constitutional LawOrdinance making it unlawful for barroom proprietor to have victrola, radio, or any kind of musical instrument playing in barroom held not unconstitutional as an attempt to deprive proprietors of liberty and property without due process of law, where ordinance was taken from provisions of statute under which retail liquor business was regulated prior to national prohibition, since regulation was not arbitrary or unreasonable.
City of De Ridder v. Mangano, 171 So. 826 (La. 1936)
Suggested by Marie Erickson, Attorney; Louisiana Legal Research; New Orleans, La.