Protective Bartender or Shots in a Bar

October 9, 2013

  • 231H Labor and Employment
  • 231HXVIII Rights and Liabilities as to Third Parties
  • 231HXVIII(B) Acts of Employee
  • 231HXVIII(B)1 In General
  • 231Hk3054 Intentional Acts
  • 231Hk3056 Assault and Battery
  • 231Hk3056(2) k. Particular Cases.

231H Labor and EmploymentCorporation which operated bar and instructed bartender to maintain order was not liable for injuries to patrons sustained when bartender pulled out gun and shot patron because he was making advances to girl sitting next to him.
Howard v. Zaney Bar, 85 A.2d 401 (Pa. 1952)
Suggested by Fredric E. Orlansky, Attorney; Law Offices of Fredric E. Orlansky; Pittsburgh, Penn.