Roaming tavern dog

October 7, 2013

  • 28 Animals
  • 28k66 Injuries to Persons
  • 28k74 Actions
  • 28k74(8) k. Questions for Jury.

28 AnimalsWhere tavern patron’s action for injuries sustained when bitten by dog of proprietress of tavern was tried on principle of care to be exercised by innkeeper to see that his patrons or guests are protected from injury, question whether proprietress had discharged her duty by allowing dog to roam on premises particularly in view of dog’s puppies about which dog might feel apprehensive and protective, was for the jury.
Poulos v. Brady, 74 A.2d 694 (Pa.Super. 1950)
Suggested by Fredric E. Orlansky, Attorney; Law Offices of Fredric E. Orlansky; Pittsburgh, Penn.