“Subjective descriptions”

September 27, 2013

  • 29T Antitrust and Trade Regulation
  • 29TIII Statutory Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection
  • 29TIII(C) Particular Subjects and Regulations
  • 29Tk191 Motor Vehicles
  • 29Tk193 k. Sale.

29T Antitrust and Trade RegulationStatements in advertisements by manufacturer of sport utility vehicle that “Whether you’re on the job, or on the town” vehicle “never lets you down,” “Nothing else comes close to giving you a better run for your money,” that vehicle was “funmobile” with “fun written all over it” and “a million laughs,” that “It won’t spoil the fun knowing that” vehicle “handles differently than any ordinary passenger car,” and that vehicle “has a nifty, go-getter engine” and “all the goodies of 4-wheel drive” were subjective descriptions and did not qualify as fraudulent misstatements of fact under Illinois Consumer Fraud Act.
Connick v. Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd., 656 N.E.2d 170 (1995)