Bear Knowledge

September 9, 2013

  • 228 Judgment
  • 228V On Motion or Summary Proceeding
  • 228k181 Grounds for Summary Judgment
  • 228k181(15) Particular Cases
  • 228k181(33) k. Tort Cases in General.

228 JudgmentIn action against the State for injuries sustained at highway turnout by attack of bear allegedly attracted to turnout by accumulation of uncollected trash, unresolved questions of fact, including extent of the State’s knowledge of presence of bears at turnout, precluded summary judgment for the State.
Carlson v. State, 598 P.2d 969 (Ala. 1979)
Suggested by Anmei Goldsmith, Assistant Attorney General; State of Alaska, Civil Division; Anchorage, AK