Trial “beauty aids”

August 29, 2013

  • 110 Criminal Law
  • 110XXXI Counsel
  • 110XXXI(C) Adequacy of Representation
  • 110XXXI(C)2 Particular Cases and Issues
  • 110k1891 k. Preparation for Trial.

110 Criminal LawTrial counsel’s failure to advocate for defendant to have beauty aids, including makeup, a wig, and personal grooming tools, to enable her to look nicer at trial was not ineffective assistance of counsel in prosecution for the malice murder of her husband, where trial counsel testified that it was part of his trial strategy to present defendant to the jury as a psychologically defeated and traumatized young woman who had been victimized by an abusive and violent husband.
Schutt v. State, 740 S.E.2d 163 (Ga. 2013)
Suggested by Ben Frisch, Sr. Attorney Editor; Thomson Reuters