“To all corners of the nation”

July 9, 2013

  • 170A Federal Civil Procedure
  • 170AIII Process
  • 170AIII(B) Service
  • 170AIII(B)3 Nonresidents and Absentees in General
  • 170Ak467 Service Outside District of Suit
  • 170Ak469 k. Different State.

170A Federal Civil ProcedureFact that federal courts may have jurisdiction to summon any nonresident with sufficient contacts with the United States to a particular district does not mean that they have unfettered discretion to dispatch their marshals to all corners of the nation to serve process on any defendant they see fit.
Colon v. Gulf Trading Co., 609 F.Supp. 1469 (1985)
Suggested by Jill Bergquist, Principal Attorney Editor; Thomson Reuters