June 16, 2014

  • 51 Bankruptcy
  • 51V The Estate
  • 51V(H) Avoidance Rights
  • 51V(H)2 Proceedings
  • 51k2725 Evidence
  • 51k2727 Weight and Sufficiency
  • 51k2727(3) k. Fraudulent Transfers.

51 BankruptcyIn proceeding brought by trustee in bankruptcy to set aside conveyance by bankrupt, inconsistent and incredible testimony of bankrupt, including testimony that on specified date he had $140,000 in $100 bills in his pocket but by time of filing petition in bankruptcy had only property valued at $900, having spent the difference on “wine, women and song”, was incredible and permitted finding that bankrupt was rendered insolvent by transfer of his residence to his son.

In re Bahre, 23 B.R. 460 (Bankr. D. Conn. 1982)