What a Sham

May 29, 2014

  • 24 Aliens, Immigration, and Citizenship
  • 24IV Admission and Visas in General
  • 24IV(C) Immigrant Visas
  • 24k181 Non-Quota Immigrants
  • 24k183 k. Immediate Relatives.

24 Aliens, Immigration, and CitizenshipWhere the 69-year-old husband, a citizen and resident of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, spoke only Spanish, whereas his 19-year-old wife, a citizen and resident of Trinidad, spoke only English, and where the “spouses” did not reside together, the petition filed by the husband with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service, less than a week after the marital vows were exchanged, requesting that his wife be classified as an “immediate relative” of the United States citizen as a first step toward her securing immigration to the United States was properly denied for the reason that, for immigration law purposes, a marriage refers to an interspousal relationship, not to the mere legal ceremony celebrating the same.

McLat v. Longo, 412 F. Supp. 1021 (D.V.I. 1976)