Hairy Question

May 19, 2014

  • 92 Constitutional Law
  • 92XXVII Due Process
  • 92XXVII(G) Particular Issues and Applications
  • 92XXVII(G)8 Education
  • 92k4196 Employment Relationships
  • 92k4199 k. Conduct and Control; Deprivations and Adverse Employment Actions.

92 Constitutional LawAction of board of education and school district in assigning high school teacher, who had taught in classroom, to less desirable job of home teaching because he wore beard in violation of administrative policy of principal, violated constitutionally protected personal “liberties” under due process provisions of Federal and State Constitutions, where there was no actual experience at high school as to what actual adverse effect of wearing of beard by male teacher would be on conduct of educational processes there, and where restrictions on beards by male teachers were without regard to their general appearance, neatness and cleanliness.

Finot v. Pasadena City Bd. Of Educ., 58 Cal. Rptr. 520 (1967)

Suggested by Eileen O’Hare-Anderson, Partner; Liebert Cassidy Whitmore; Fresno, Calif.