“family pet wallaby”

May 2, 2013

  • 134 Divorce
  • 134V Spousal Support, Allowances, and Disposition of Property
  • 134V(G) Contempt
  • 134k1118 Evidence
  • 134k1118(5) k. Weight and Sufficiency.

134 DivorceEvidence did not support contempt judgment against former wife based on finding that she acted willfully to prevent former husband from reclaiming family pet wallaby, in violation of marital dissolution judgment; parties were aware that wallaby occasionally escaped from cage but usually returned, husband stated he made several attempts to get wallaby from house, but he failed to explain why his efforts were unsuccessful, and although wife had moved from house where pet was housed, she checked on wallaby every day.
Matter of Marriage of Patchett, 964 P.2d 1114(Or. App. 1998)
Suggested by John Wesley Hall, Attorney; John Wesley Hall Jr. PC, Little Rock, AR