“Cruel and unusual punishment?”

April 25, 2013

  • 350H Sentencing and Punishment
  • 350HVII Cruel and Unusual Punishment in General
  • 350HVII(E) Excessiveness and Proportionality of Sentence
  • 350Hk1489 k. Disorderly Conduct and Breach of the Peace.

350H Sentencing and PunishmentWhere high school students pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in that they dumped cans of garbage on the front lawn of a member of the local school board, conditions of probation under suspended sentence, including making a public apology to the student body, refraining from wearing the school’s athletic letters for six months, writing an essay on the life of Andrew Jackson, and contributing to the cost of replacing lost garbage cans were not invalid as “cruel and unusual punishment”.
People v. Sly, 39 N.Y.S.2d 474 (1942)