Appointment with a burglar

March 11, 2013

  • 311H Privileged Communications and Confidentiality
  • 311HIII Attorney-Client Privilege
  • 311Hk144 Subject Matter; Particular Cases
  • 311Hk146 k. Client Information; Retainer and Authority.

311H Privileged Communications and ConfidentialityAttorney whose business card was found at scene of burglary with appointment date written thereon was required to disclose identification of client who was to have had appointment with him at that time; no attorney-client privilege attached to client’s identity, absent any allegation that attorney and client had actually discussed alleged burglary or that attorney rendered legal advice or services to client in regard thereto.
In re State Attorney’s Office Investigative Subpoena Dated Nov. 2, 1983, 444 So. 2d 592 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 1984)
Suggested by Winnie Quinlan; Rock Law Group; Maitland, FL