Moon Rock Sale

March 5, 2014

  • 180 Forfeitures
  • 180k5 k. Proceedings for Enforcement.

180 ForfeituresClaimant had standing to contest forfeiture of moon rock and plaque, although government claimed that claimant’s agreement relating to items was not for their purchase but instead provided for claimant to take possession of the items in order to market them and sell them to a third party, with items to be returned if sale was not effectuated within 90 days; claimant stated that, to the contrary, he had actually purchased the items, and at the time the items were seized, claimant had been in possession of them for a year and a half.

United States v. One Lucite Ball Containing Lunar Material, 252 F. Supp. 2d 1367 (S.D. Fla. 2003)

Suggested by J.T. Herber III, Attorney; Williamson, Friedberg & Jones, LLC; Pottsville, PA