Submission Negates Cruelty

February 12, 2014

  • 134 Divorce
  • 134III Defenses
  • 134k47 Condonation
  • 134k49 Acts Constituting Condonation
  • 134k49(1) k. In general.

170B Federal CourtsWhere husband regularly delivered his weekly pay check to wife, who used money together with her own earnings and deposited savings therefrom in her individual account, and wife conducted all business dealings of couple and took realty and personal property of parties in her own name, wife’s alleged domineering conduct was acquiesced in by husband and did not constitute cruel and inhuman treatment.

Hannan v. Hannan, 256 S.W.2d 485 (Ky. 1953)

Suggested by Emily Lucas, Staff Attorney; Kentucky Court of Appeals; Stanton, Ky.